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RMP consolidates medical grade Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) for the medical device manufacturing industry via Ram Extrusion, Sheet Compression Molding, and Direct Compression Molding. We lead the way in working with alternative resins and novel processing methods, and are widely known for innovation in the Direct Compression Molding of net-shape and near net shape molded parts. Our laboratory has extensive capabilities and accreditations for polymer testing, and our experienced team provides consultation on a range of subjects from design for manufacturing to material specification development.
Vitamin E poly

RMP Product Lines

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Direct Compression Molding (DCM)

Design for Molding

Prototype Development

Molding Process Validations

Full Production Capacity

Bar/Sheet Stock

Inert Ram Extrusion

Inert Sheet Compression Molding


Inert Remelting

Shape Fabrication

Rounds, Rectangles, Knee Profiles

Additive Blending

Custom blending of antioxidants and/or other additives to UHMWPE resin

Validations/DFM/Process Development

UHMWPE Development and Validation Expertise

Material Specification Development

Design for Manufacturing and Improved Efficiency Feedback

RMP Lab Services

Extensive Mechanical Testing

Material Analytical Testing

ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited for 5 Test Methods

Polymer Technology & Supply Chain Solutions

Crosslinked poly
Crosslinked poly
Crosslinked poly
Crosslinked polyHXLPEHXLPEVitamin E poly